Chris Basil, Assistant Principal

I would first like to say that I feel very fortunate to be serving East Union Attendance Center as an Assistant Principal and coach.  East Union has been not only my work-place but my home for over 20 years.  Our school is rich in tradition, although we pride ourselves in taking the initiative to be proactive in offering our students new and exciting opportunities throughout their educational experiences.
The East Union Epic Urchins is a motto, mascot, and motif that embodies the way of life for our students, employees, and community.  "Epic" is a key word in that description.  The concepts of epic, meaning heroic, ambitious, grand, and larger-than-life, would describe my feelings about this school. I look forward to our future at East Union and will continue to strive for excellence in keeping with the nature of our "EPIC" name:
E - excellence, empowering, engaged
P - productive, passionate, powerful
I - ingenious, insightful, inspired
C - caring, capable, committed
Chris Basil

East Union
Male Assistant Principal