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Ray Kennedy
Ray Kennedy
Greetings from Urchinville! East Union Attendance Center, "Home of the Urchins," welcomes you to our web site. East Union School has a proud tradition of academic excellence which has produced many outstanding citizens. The social skills and teamwork skills acquired through participation in extra-curricular activities also help to forge a strong community in the eastern part of Union County. 
I have long admired the Union County School District. As I have driven past East Union School for years, I felt East Union would be a wonderful place. I often thought that someday I would like to work at East Union. I feel very fortunate to be employed in the Union County School District and especially working at East Union School. I would like to summarize the positive attributes of East Union School by sharing the following top ten reasons to be an Urchin:
10. Urchinville being the center of the universe, I don't have to drive very far to go to work.
9. There's nothing like living and working in a small town. Ellistown is pretty small.
8. Other schools have very routine school colors. East Union has intense, powerful school colors; BROWN & GOLD!
7. The local Urchins are a very accepting bunch of folk; even if you're not a local.
6. Urchins don't just challenge other schools in athletic competition; we strive for academic excellence as well.
5. As a long-time resident of Union County, I have always thought that East Union would be a great place to work. I was right!
4.  The Urchin faculty and staff are wonderful. The community is fortunate to have such dedicated teachers and staff employed at EU.
3.  The students are among the best in the world. In general, they work hard and play hard.  That's the way it should be!
2.  I have a great job and feel confident that I have the support of a wonderful district administrative staff and school board.  
1. Urchinville has added a football program, a football stadium, and a field house. These added features make even more of our neighbors want to join the Urchin family!